Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Movies: My favorite Movies of 2013

This is my list of my favourite movies for 2013, grabbed popcorn from Tesco (Sweet & Salty one) and headed to my local cinema to watch a few movies. 
Some I want to see which may make the list are Anchorman 2, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, The Wolf Of Wall Street to name a few. 
So in no particular order from the long list of movies I watched here are some of my favourites;

Thor: The Dark World
Best superhero movie title goes to................... I can be bias if I want to. My blog HA!!
2 Guns
Mark Wahlberg appeared in four movies this year, although it felt to me like at least ten. This movie has the replay value factor, jokes x action and two actions that clearly enjoyed themselves when making this movie. Oh Ms.Robin Thicke shows us why they've been married for like a million decades.....
White House Down
Ok the idea of the movie isn't orginal but I dare you to find a movie with a cooler President than J.Foxx, who rocks Js in the process than this movie. *Kat Williams voice* "Don't worry I'll wait......................."
Man Of Steel 
Best superhero movie of 2013? Nah that title goes to the other guy not from round here, but this was a good return to form for Superman. I enjoyed it, but it does go crazy at the end. Suppose thats the Zack affect. The female working for Zod was hottttttt.

Now You See Me

Movie about magicians, I thought must be wack. This is a must see if you like something a little different, fast paced and has one of the ultimate twists too. 
Disney x Pixar x movie about the video game world = WINNING!!

Sorry Pulp Fiction their is a new kid on the block for the title of favourite Tarantino movie. This had everything, must admit the slavery segements especially the dog scene did make me feel uneasy but that was the harsh reality of that era. 

Iron Man 3

Don't underestitmate Iron Man, withouth him no Thor, Cap, Hulk, Avengers, phase 2,3 etc..... Some people were pissed at the twist and I understand that but it was damn clever.

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