Sunday, 19 April 2015

Trailer: Batman v Superman - Dawn Of Justice

Despite what the naysayers will have you think, Comic book movies DON'T SUCK. What does suck is their blind ignorant opinion and their mums. See the problem is Comic book movies have gone through phases and with that, the quality of the movies have gone up and up.

Also the sweaty nerds who argue back and forth about which side is better DC or Marvel, also need to shut haha. Let's just enjoy this great moment in movies where quality Comic book movies are being made from all studios (Sorry Amazing Spider-Man 2, Garfield best Peter Parker yet but that movie was all over the house). A shitty low quality trailer was leaked online but now director Zack Snyder has given us this monumental movie's HD trailer in all it's glory. Batman v Superman will again add to the already long list of quality Comic book movies, and maybe just maybe someone in Metropolis will notice the guy in the glasses is an alien.... NO CHANCE!

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