Monday, 28 December 2015

Movies: My Ten Favourite Movies of 2015

2015 comes to a close and it's fair to say this year has seen many quality and enjoyable movies hit the screens, which was good news for us movie goers (yes yes and you downloaders aswell I see you). This year has had everything for everyone from the summer blockbusters to animated fun, all boxes have been ticked this year. Despite all the remakes and sequels etc..... there has been more original movies being made in the last 18 months than ever before. So Hollywood is still bringing ideas to the table but obviously the bigger know franchises are still grabbing all the attention.
Next year we have an onslaught (what's up Doom Man?) of highly anticipated movies such as The Junglebook, Deadpool, Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War just to name a few that will be hitting a screen near you. So I'm going to list my favourite  movies I've seen this year, I have to give honourable mentions to Man From U.N.C.L.E., Mad Mad:Fury Road, Trainwreck, Spy and Focus to name a few. These were really really good movies that came out this year fun to watch and most definitely have the replay factor on lock, which is an important factor in my eyes when deciding if a movie is good or not.
While I wrote this I was watching Naked Gun which is one of my favourite movies for jokes, and an advert came on for Fantastic Four DVD which reminded me of some movies that just didn't live up to the expectation or hope I had for them. Though Ted 2 had it's moments it fell way short of Ted, the latest attempt of the Terminator Franchise was just ok. Get Hard with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart was fun, but haven't rushed to watch it again considering features two comedic heavyweights. So let's get into it my top ten movies of 2015, if you disagree that's cool I ain't hard to find.
10. Furious 7

Seven movies in and this franchise should be either slowing down or no longer being fun. F&F sticks two fingers up at tradition and still manages to cause interest while bringing everything we love to the table. Tyrese aka Roman Pierce owned this movie for me with the hilarious timing and one liners, with the plane scene confirming all of this. This was the highest grossing one of the franchise so far which is bitter sweet considering one of the founding members the late Paul Walker, was unable to see the movie as a finished product. Furious 7 arguably gave the best possible send off to a family member ever on screen.
9. Ex Machina

I saw this movie advertised a few times while waiting to watch other movies at the cinema but never really paid it any attention to be fair. While at the office big movie discussion started and CEO of the company mentioned this movie to me and was confident I would like it as it's a very good movie. One Sunday decided to watch it and was pleasantly surprised at how good of a movie it was. It's an independent movie but can still hang with the big boys. It has a huge twist that really kicks you in the chest like a fireman to a burning door. The actor who plays the A.I. is going to appear in many movies as she is really good and makes you invest in her character alot.
8. Cinderella

We've all seen Cinderella before the Disney classic (one of many MM has over there), if you haven't seen Cinderella the animated classic I don't care if you're male or female your parents have failed you as a child. This live adaptation of the animated classic was directed by the same guy who brought us 2011's Thor (badman movie). The movie is respectful of the animated classic but just imagine that in live action with a few alterations that help make this movie real fun and warm. It was bad seeing Cinderella mistreated in the animate version, but in this version you see how hard she had it. Rob Stark makes an appearance as the knight in shining armour, don't worry it's a white and not red wedding affair.
7. Ant-Man

A movie about a guy who is a superhero and his thing is to wear a suit and shrink to the size of an Ant, oh and he calls himself....... wait for it........ Ant-Man. It shouldn't really work even though it's a great comic book character who was an original founding member of The Avengers (take that clueless look of your face and do your research). But props to Marvel president Kevin Fiege for having faith in bringing this character to the MCU. This movie stars Paul Rudd aka Scott Lang aka Brian Fantana, who is known as funny guy but balances that within the movie really well. T.I. also stars in this movie as part of Scott's crew and should hopefully be back for the sequel. For a lesser known Avenger this movie was different to other Marvel movies and had you rooting for the underdog.
6. Misson Impossible: Rogue Nation/John Wick

Who knew we'd get six and soon to be seven M.I. movies? Ethan Hunt has made it through six movies and many different team members to give us Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, but this one is arguably one of the best in the spy franchise. I've had more fun with this franchise than the Bond one if I'm being honest. With London as the backdrop Ethan has to work out WTF is the Rogue Nation and what they're reasons for doing what they do, while trying to remain off the books. This movie easily has one of the best opening sequences for 2015 or any year for that matter.
Mr. Reeves is no longer Neo to me anymore he is now going to be referred to as John Wick. Keanu has his way of acting which isn't really appealing, however good gracious this movie blows the hinges off the damn door. Playing the character of John Wick he brings it to the table and this movie is 100mph all the way. It's not a cheesy straight to DVD movie like a few of his that have made it to the big screen which clearly shouldn't have. This movie is a return to form for Keanu and being arguably the surprise movie of 2015. And I'm extra happy that this movie is getting a sequel as too many source material in the first to not have a sequel.

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