Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Music: Top Five 2016 Bouyon Releases

Today is officially Bouyon Day in my beloved Dominica. Congratulations to all the artist past and present that have contributed to this sound!

You smell that in the air? That my friends is the smell of Carnival season taking over all the new year blues. And in my beloved Dominica this is when the residents are flooded via the airwaves with music. Now it would be nice if more music was released throughout the year, but I'll leave that for another post. 

After the natural disaster which was hurricane Erica that caused many festivities for Independence Day cancelled, this carnival is going to be well deserved and needed for the island. And with that comes the Bouyon releases that have been created to potentially be the anthem of the roads and the season. So here are my five jams for Dominica carnival 2016.

5. Carlyn XP - Bouyon Wuk
First of all I think Carlyn is a little hottie, and it just so happens she can rock a stage and make good music aswell. From being with Fanatik band to adding the female touch with Original Bouyon Pioneers, Miss Carlyn XP is known as the queen of Bouyon. And now it's official she is the first and the newly crowned Bouyon Monarch winner. It's no surprise this banger contributed to her winning that title, this has all the ingredients needed to make a Bouyon track that pumps. 

4. Asa Bantan - Take It Anywhere 
Asa Bantan always comes with a song that you can rock too. Strictly Local was one of my favourite releases of last year and overall Bouyon releases. This one right here my only qualm I have with it is it's too damn short, other than that Asa trust me I can relate to this one personally!!

3. Benz - Circle

"Nothing nah change, I'm still same big up my friends, me and my crew we still rolling"........ This jam is produced by the kid DJ Bryce (who makes some banging beats, but plays tight sharing them for promo damn shame). Big up Benz on this one as this is no joke and should be pumping throughout Carnival and beyond.

2. Original Bouyon Pioneers ft Kurt Allen - Jamin'

This one is just straight throwback not just Thursday but years. The OBP have crafted something that will long out last this carnival and will continue to be rocking in the future. It's got everything that made Bouyon have it's own lane and what we all love about the genre, the bridge on this song is so smooth, sick and cultural. With these guys hitting the road this carnival, I hope the new generation appreciate what they're about to witness.

1. WCK - Jus Do

We've had four releases from CK this year "Colossal (Biggest Fete)", "Bouyon To The World", "Rolling Like A Boss" and this one "Jus Do"lead by Mr.Delly. This song is just a straight monster, which is making it even harder to miss this year's val as I would behaving the worst when this comes on. But then I guys that's God's way of protecting the ladies bumpers and I have to respect that...

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