Friday, 1 July 2016

My Day As A Coach...... You heard it right!

Everyone who plays Football at the company was counting down until we got to play at QPR's famous Loftus Road myself included, against a team compiled of lucky competition winners, media folks and an ex-England international and QPR club ambassador Andy Sinton. Unfortunately two months before the match took place I dislocated the patella in my right knee playing Basketball trying to be Steph Curry, but in reality ended up being Steph Korma. 

This injury denied me being able to play in the match, which I won't lie mentally made me depressed at times as I did everything the Doc told me then got the bad news two weeks before we played. Anyway I opted to do the next best thing and not miss out on the occasion and become the coach for the team. I took that role seriously, I went to see the boys get an early morning practice match in two days before kick-off. It made sense as a few new players have joined the company to join those I played league Football with last year, so I had to get my selection right for the big day.
Shit I even made sure they had the classic staple diet before kick-off and half-time with a box of Jaffa Cakes. The trip to QPR's ground was hilarious, unlike the professional Footballers we travelled via London's trusty and much loved underground. This caused many people too look at us like they're all going somewhere to do something but who are these randoms?

When we got there the helpful QPR staff made us feel very welcome and like professionals for the hours we were present. Entering the changing room I ran out my instructions, again I confirmed the team that was sent out via email during the week and just asked them to go out there and enjoy the occasion (of course said I wanted a win).
I opted for the 4-3-3 formation as I thought this suited the team better, with the option to switch to a 4-4-2 without disrupting too much of the team's tempo. Made the decision confirming Roberto as our captain and gave him the armband, as my belief is it should be given to a goalkeeper, defender or holding midfielder. As I've played alongside Roberto I know he can be vocal and reads danger. It got surreal when walking down the tunnel and just thinking this is how these guys do it week in week out. So it was time to see all the preparation put in place come to play and see if we got it right. 
We started off slow but once everything settled the movement created space and chances came rolling in. My guy Gary got us the early goals with support from some smooth midfield play. Were pulled back by a very well deceived set piece but we remained in control of the game. As promised to the team I made sure everyone got game time, I ran a tight ship with the subs to make it happen and keep everyone happy and involved. Some were chirping in my ear more than others did, but happy with how I managed to rotate the team. Gave a braveheart type half-time team talk which lead to some more goals in the second half, which saw us win the match 6-4. Fair to say the most exciting attack match (or maybe due to poor defending) of the season took place at Loftus Road.
I'm now accepting any offers for teams that need someone to fill the hot seat at their club. There was whispers I'd be getting a call from Big Ed but I let my boy Jose get the job instead, as I wasn't ready for all that glitz and glamour. My strengths are team selection, team and one to one talks and preparation, oh and I give a pretty cool post match interview.

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