Friday, 27 March 2015

Well That Escalated Quickly........

Tinie spoke and that's what triggered everything. So it all began when Chip when to 1Xtra and done this. Which lit social media up and then later lead to this. All went tad bit quiet on that front, then boom Chip jumped on the Pepper Riddim and gave us this.
Where he mentioned many names likes Tinie Tempah (again), Big Narstie, Bugzy Malone, SASKilla and DJ Cameo. We knew within in time, there's going to be many responses. First up was Uncle Bass.

I honestly thought that was more than enough of a response, considering he didn't even spit ha the disrespect. But it doesn't stop there, as Narstie wasn't the only name mentioned. Oh yeah Chip also mentioned Devilman which resulted in this...
Next up SASKilla..... with Chip Off My Shoulder.
Hope you aint exhausted yet, because Bugzy also has his piece to say on the Relegation Riddim.
Stay tuned....... this isn't over yet believe me.

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