Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Interview: Chuckie Online x JME - Real Talk Chuckie Online

After a brief hiatus #RealTalkWithChuckieOnline makes an epic comeback with the second in depth interview following MOBO Award winner, Stormzy. This time going into conversation with musician, entrepreneur and Boy Better Know CEO, JME.

It's fair to say that any sort of JME conversation is a rare commodity, thus this lengthy and fascinating conversation has been broken down into 2 parts.

Offering a widely alternative prospective to your typical Grime emcee, Jme discusses the following topics in Part 1 of the interview:

- The approach in which he perceives his accomplishments and how he continues to aspire for more

- Not compromising style or personality to fit into the industry

- How to stand out as a new emcee

- Choosing not to go to Jamaica for the video shooting of "Shaky" and his stance when it comes to decisions within BBK

- Choosing not to attend the Brit Awards for the Kanye West performance

Along with his love and passion for music plus wanting more growth in the scene, JME takes the hot seat and really opens up to Chuckie Online. Over the course of the 30 minute conversation it's clear to see that JME is not fuelled by money or power. Instead we witness an individual who has made huge leaps within the industry by remaining true to himself.

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