Monday, 28 March 2016

Dedicated To A Great Friend's Mission

This is a post based on a dear friend of mine I met through music. Ive know him over a decade plus and class him as a big brother (because we know a lot of the same people, which makes great for jokes). So I'm really hoping this post in someway shape or form will help the bigger picture. 
So my guy Navind known to the rest of the world as Bald MC, one half of Rugged N Baldy (RnB still one of the coolest titles) the gate keepers of Essex, they gave me my first radio gig which I'm always grateful for.  I've seen him achieve a lot over the years, despite all the DJ related and workshop ones, it's his decision to give up smoking cigarettes that I respect the most. Strongly believe this has contributed heavy to why I'm writing this post. Now Nav has unleashed his lungs from the cloudy chambers, he is now in the process of training for the London marathon, for a cause very dear and close to his heart. 

I know death has no preference, but call me naive or even ignorant if you may, I just feel it's cruel when a child has passed away, children deserve to live their life you know. Like what has a child who's passed away at 4yrs old experienced? Any potential there has just been robbed from the world. So this cool human being and fellow member of club Manchester United, has had the unfortunate experience of losing his younger brother to cancer in 2001 at the tender age of just 5 years old. 

Fast forward to 2016 and Nav is stepping up to the plate by helping to bring awareness amongst us, in regards to cancer affecting children, by taking part in the annual London Marathon. In doing this he is raising money for the Children With Cancer UK charity. 

Believe me when I say that he is taking this very serious, thanks to social media and him using it in the best way possible, he's been supplying us with daily updates of his training regime to get in the best possible shape for the marathon. It is very inspiring seeing him do this because he is juggling work life with the DJ life and being a great partner to his girlfriend (that's brownie points for you there bro, you're welcome!). As a result it's made me realise I have the power to make the time to do things that need to get done within 24 hours.

So I've done this post to hopefully assist him getting to his target of £2,000.00, he's currently £357.00 away from reaching this target. Understand you don't know this person, this a very genuine human that's walking this earth. Plus the bigger picture here is someone is using a heart felt tragedy to raise awareness and contribute with this small donation for the battle against cancer. No donation is too small to help my boy reach his target, you can make your donation here NavRunningForChildrenWithCancer.

If you want to see Nav in the final stages of his preparations for the London Marathon which takes place on Sunday 24th April 2016, please check him out on Instagram and Snapchat - BaldMC.

R.I.P. to Owen and Stacey who've both fallen victim to cancer in the past two weeks. 

Thanks for reading this post and GOD bless!

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